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What is a kitchen contractor?

A kitchen contractor is the person who coordinates and oversees all aspects of a kitchen remodeling project. They are responsible for providing all materials, tools, and labor needed to complete the project.

Does it cost to get a quote?

An initial one hour kitchen remodeling consultation visit from Bigham remodeling is free. At this time the contractor will discuss with you a reasonable budget for your kitchen. After this visit should you wish to proceed a design contract will be signed.

Are you insured?

Bigham remodeling LLC is licensed and insured.

How are payments made, and when are they made?

Payments are generally made over three installments. The cost of the cabinets will be invoiced separately and paid at contract signing. Additionally, the first payment for ⅓ of the quote is made at this time as well, another third is made mid-project as agreed upon in the contract, and the 3rd and final payment is made upon completion.

What about permits?

If a permit is needed for your kitchen remodel the contractor will submit the designs and paperwork needed to obtain the permit and the cost will be added to your contract.

What should I be asking my kitchen contractor?

Some things that you may want to ask your kitchen contractor are:

What is your license number?

  • Having a license number will allow you to verify whether there have been any claims or judgements against them. It will also show you if they have owned another remodeling business under a different name.

What is your typical payment schedule?

  • This is important for both you and your contractor. Payment terms should be discussed and agreed upon prior to the beginning of work. You should not pay the full price upfront, and most contractors will not ask you to do so.

How long have you been in business?

  • You want to make sure your contractor has been in business long enough to have accumulated plenty of references. While more experience doesn’t always mean a better job, it is more likely they will have a proven track record if they have been doing this work for a while.

Are there any difficulties you foresee running into on my project?

  • Oftentimes the process does not go off without a hitch. There are challenges that may not be seen from the beginning, things that the contractor may run into along the way. It is important that your contractor is up-front with you about these potential challenges from the beginning. This will help you prepare for any changes to the timeline or cost of the project.

Will it always be the same people working in my home?

  • Often contracting companies will be working on multiple projects at a time so it would be helpful for you to verify that you can count on consistency in who comes to work on your home.

What is a change order?

In construction a change order is an amendment to the initial construction contract. These are generally due to an unforeseen issue or the customer requesting something different from what was originally agreed upon.

The change order should be written up by the contractor and the homeowner and contractor must both agree and sign on the terms.

Can I be involved with the design build process?

We strongly encourage you to be as involved as you would like on the design. We are only here to help your vision come to life and the more help and details we can get from you the better.

How long will the kitchen remodel take to complete?

The project timeline varies based on the size of the remodel and cabinet lead time. This will be established with you prior to the signing of the contract.

How do I communicate with you?

The best way to reach us is through phone call or email

Phone- 717-654-6307


Will the cost of my project change?

The cost of the project will only change if there is an unforeseen issue, or you request something different then the initial scope of work agreed upon. Should this occur, it will be discussed with you and a change order will be written for you to review. To be safe it is prudent for a homeowner to have at least a 10% reserve for any such occurrence.

What can I expect regarding the project schedule?

Before you begin you should have a clear picture of the projected start and end date. It is also important that your timeline is realistic. If you have an event coming up which requires completion of the project let your contractor know so they can tell you if it is able to be done within that time frame. There are occasionally circumstances that will push back the start or completion date, be sure to ask your contractor about what they might be.

What causes schedule changes?

One thing that may change the timeline are issues with the delivery of materials, but any changes will be discussed with you as soon as they are known.

If building material costs increase after work has begun, how does that affect my project?

We will provide an initial estimate to you, the price quoted will be good for 30 days should you choose to move forward. If you sign the contract within this timeframe the cost to you will not change even if the material prices should increase. However, if it is after 30 days a new estimate would need to be given to account for any change in cost of materials.

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