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5 Benefits of a Kitchen Remodel

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Have you ever noticed that on most of the remodeling shows, the kitchen is almost always one of the areas that gets a major remodel? Once they show the completed project, it is not difficult to see why that is. A new kitchen really brings an outdated home back to life. Here are some awesome benefits of a kitchen remodel.

Mantra kitchen

#1: Get a fresh look

Let’s be honest, sometimes we just can’t stand to look at that old, outdated kitchen anymore. The countertops might be ugly, the cabinets worn, and the appliances dated. Remodeling the kitchen will bring your kitchen back to life and will have you enjoying the space you spend so much time in.

#2: Increased family time

Having an inviting kitchen to prepare and share meals will often bring your family together. A better cooking workspace often encourages more home cooking, which means more quality time with family.

#3: A great return on investment

One of the best reasons to renovate your kitchen is that a good kitchen remodel can often yield a 75% return on investment. A kitchen that is up-to-date and inviting will have more potential buyers interested in your home.

#4: Increase functionality

Often, the original kitchen design is not great for functionality. One of the top kitchen remodel goals is to improve the general function and purpose of the kitchen. Adding additional storage space is another great benefit as well.

#5: It will make you happier

Homeowners get immense satisfaction from living in an aesthetically pleasing as well as functional space. The National Association of Realtors calculated a joy score for home remodeling projects, and a complete kitchen renovation received a top Joy Score of 10. 93% of those polled said they have a greater desire to be at home since their renovation, and 95% said they have an increased sense of enjoyment when at home.

If you are ready to take the leap and enjoy a new and improved kitchen, be sure to contact us at Let us help you and your family get the functional, amazing kitchen you and the whole family will be sure to love.

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